Doctor Wolfula

Welcome back to Employee Picks with Wedge!

The only blog run by a werewolf who's been kicked out of 13 different Denny's restaurants in a calender year. This month I wanted to cover one of my new favorite content creators, Doctor Wolfula!

Doctor Wolfula

Now don't let appearances fool you, Doctor Wolfula is NOT a werewolf, he's a wolfulite, and as unfortunate as that must be for him, he hasn't let it keep him from creating some truly great genre based content.

The good Doctor started his youtube career about a decade ago "riffviewing" absolutely terrible horror movies, combining the stylings of MST3K with the personality and aesthetic of the classic horror hosts of late night TV fame. He's since diversified by creating insightful and equally funny reviews for good and bad horror movies alike! As well as covering horror industry news, hosting live stream movie commentaries and even giving his zombie man servant, Ghoulash, his own channel where he's forced to cover family friendly horror content for the teeming masses!


He's been working hard for years now so it's no wonder Doctor wolfula was awarded the prestigious Silver Bolo by Joe Bob Briggs in the latest season of The Last Drive In! With so much going on I was very grateful to secure an interview with Doctor Wolfula at his home. After being warned to turn back by no less then three crazed old men with liquor on their breath, me and my interpreter arrived at the Wolfulair! I'd love to describe it to you but upon entering we were blindfolded and taken directly to a nondescript room where we were greeted by the wolfulite himself!

Please enjoy the transcript of our conversation:

Wedge (via interpreter): Thanks so much for agreeing to this uh, how's it going?

Doctor Wolfula: "Really? That’s how you’re going to open this interview? Oh, this should be good."

W: Hey, you're a doctor right? What do you make of this rash?

DW: "Please, please, for the love of God, pull your pants back up. We can do this after the interview but I can tell you right now that that’s not a rash, it’s definitely syphilitic."

W: Right, yeah for sure. (papers shuffling) Oh, I have a pull quote here: ‘Calling me a werewolf is an insult! I am never a filthy human and I can actually talk.’ What'd you mean by that?

DW: "I know you’re trying to provoke a reaction out of me but listen, it was a different social climate when I said those things about werewolves, I don’t hold those same views now. I mean, sure, I do keep a silver-tipped dagger on my person at all times just in case but that’s merely a safety thing, I hold no prejudices."

(a dagger is momentarily brandished)

We were then promptly escorted off the premises after that last question and given a long winded speech about the ethics of gotcha journalism. Anyway it was a delight and I thank him for his time, and partial diagnosis.


Long story short if you're a horror fan, I really can't recommend Doctor Wolfula's content enough. His videos are well produced, well researched and very funny.

My personal favorite video is his breakdown of The Thing series, which covers the often forgotten "The Thing From Another World" that's since been eclipsed by John Carpenter's remake. My only real complaint is that he hasn't covered more werewolf movies! American Werewolf in Paris?! That's the one you choose?!

But differences aside I can happily state that Dr. Wolfula is just a fellow monster who clearly has a great love for the genre, and we here at Dark Moon always root for the monsters!

We Stan

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Also when you get in the discord, tell him if he wants his dagger back he can have it as soon as he pays for a replacement interpreter!

Preferably a more stab resistant one!