Meet The Staff

Wedge Wulf

Wendell "Wedge" Wulf

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 36

Occupation: Clerk/Co-owner

Favorite Movies: The Thing, Reanimator, Evil Dead 2, and Ginger Snaps.


Wedge is an American lycanthrope living and working in the last known Dark Moon Home Video store front still in operation in Black Leaf, NJ. Wedge co-owns the business with store manager, Barry, but still maintains his status as clerk and makes little to no decisions about how the store is run. Wedge is best described as erratic, passionate, and occasionally volatile. Prone to pedantic arguments and loud opinionated outbursts, Wedge would be considered by most to be un-employable. In his own words: "It's probably a good thing that I own this place then!"

Barry Bonefeld

Barry Bonefeld

Pronouns: he/they

Age: unknown

Occupation: Manager/Co-owner

Favorite Movies: Robocop, Big Trouble in Little China, Predator, and Darkman.


Barry is a business savvy skeleton, hailing from parts unknown, that co-owns and operates the last remaining Dark Moon Home Video in existence with their best friend Wedge. Carrying a very self assured presence, Barry is the main reason Dark Moon has repeat customers, balancing out Wedge's hyperactive energy with a more laid back vibe. Though unaware of his age, or why he's a living skeleton, Barry is certainly glad to have this second shot at life working for Dark Moon because quote: "I'm pretty sure all the movies used to suck back when I had skin."





Roy Alden

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 30

Occupation: Clerk

Favorite Movies: Army of Darkness, Demon Knight, Terminator 2, and In the Mouth of Madness.


Roy was born and raised in his home town of Black Leaf, NJ and was hired on the spot by Barry to work the day shift at Dark Moon Home Video. There's absolutely nothing remarkable about Roy, he's just a guy trying to make ends meet the weirdest thing about him is his job and during the day shift it's pretty normal, except when he has to go feed the fishman in the basement that is.