Stuck On VHS

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I'm Wedge! Your resident werewolf turned video store clerk!

For my inaugural post I'm highlighting a form of media I'm not very familiar with... a BOOK, but a book with pictures, so it's not lame.

Stuck on VHS: A Visual History of Video Store Stickers!

Book Cover

And let me tell you, this book is a lovingly crafted look into this very specific corner of history.

Be Kind Rewind

It catalogs each type of sticker from the many variations of the famous "Be kind rewind" all the way to the stickers of specific video stores.

Video Store

My personal favorite section is the genre stickers, with special emphasis on The Iconic Green Horror sticker section.


Horror Stickers

Throughout the book are blurbs of text highlighting the historical significance of the types of stickers featured, not to mention some spectacular photography which, to borrow the parlance of the tiktok crowd that regularly bully me on social media, is "a vibe".

This book also just looks amazing, the cover is a VHS tape absolutely plastered with the very stickers it's cataloging, perfectly capturing the video store aesthetic and inviting you to pick it up and peruse it's pages. It even has actual stickers in it!


Anyway it's one of only five books I haven't immediately eaten so if you're like me, and have always liked your tapes to have a little less mystery and a whole lot of history, you'll absolutely love it! And if you do love it you'll definitely enjoy the creators' other work!

Be sure to follow them on social media, and definitely check out where they're now selling a follow-up magazine to this very book!

I've been Wedge with Employee Picks! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a magazine to order!